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Parkside Pool Apartments, Milwaukee, WI

Property Details

2 floors
100 units

Product Installed

One iQ1001

Installed Capacity

1,000,000 BTU/hr
Zero Gallons storage


Cornerstone Mechanical Sales

Apartment building goes green by replacing an inefficient system with Intellihot.

When the managers of Parkside Pool Apartments looked to replace the property’s old boiler system with high efficiency equipment, the local Intellihot representative presented the iQ series as an alternative to wasteful storage systems. By choosing Intellihot, they not only saved on operating expenses but on installation costs as well. Parkside Pool Apartments is located in the bustling, Midwestern city of Milwaukee, WI. Milwaukee is a leading city in the US for energy efficiency & sustainability. The city of Milwaukee seeks to make the visions and actions related to sustainability a reality for Milwaukeeans in their neighborhoods. Parkside Pool Apartments is an example of a company that has embraced this vision and has taken action as a community leader. Established in 1964, the apartment building has 100 units over 2 floors. Parkside Pool Apartments specializes in Single-Family Homes, Investment Property, and Apartments.


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The Challenge

The old boiler and storage tank system the complex was using was highly inefficient and needed repairs. The management company was concerned about its effect on their bottom line. They weren’t ready to replace it with multiple tank-style heaters that would need to be individually vented and piped, either.

The Intellihot Solution

Using a single iQ1001, the building’s managers were able to get a high efficiency solution to their costly issue. Intellihot’s water heater helped the apartment complex reduce its gas consumption. They were also able to significantly reduce their installation costs with a unit that only requires single connections for piping and venting.

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